#LOCAL Spotlight: Meet Dr. Jessica Cervantes of SkinLocal Dermatology

Welcome to SkinLocal’s #LOCAL Spotlight, where we shine a light on the heartbeat of our community – its powerful members! We’re excited to feature medical experts, skincare enthusiasts, wellness warriors, and more, providing you an exclusive pass to meet the unsung heroes integral to the SkinLocal family.

Meet Dr. Jessica Cervantes, a Harvard-trained, Board-Certified Dermatologist at SkinLocal Dermatology. Born in Havana, Cuba, and having immigrated to the U.S. at age six, Dr. Cervantes faced her own struggles with cystic acne and alopecia areata, fueling her passion for dermatology. She has dedicated herself to helping patients achieve healthy, beautiful skin. With impressive academic and professional credentials, Dr. Cervantes exclusively offers the highest quality dermatological care at SkinLocal.

Discover Dr. Cervantes’ skin care tips and tricks for a glowing complexion below.

Expert Skin Care Secrets from Dermatologist Dr. Cervantes

Tell us about your career journey. Early on, I delved into engineering, a path influenced by my family’s rich background in various engineering disciplines. My affinity for math and physics was evident from the start. However, my introduction to the medical realm came serendipitously, through my own consultations with my dermatologist for acne and alopecia aerate. I quickly developed a profound appreciation for dermatology—its holistic approach to patient care, the breadth of conditions it addresses across age groups, and the dynamic nature of daily clinical encounters. I loved how you were able to help patients of all ages and essentially treat entire families.  


Growing up in a low income household made the journey a bit more challenging. In high school, I started a cupcake business and with those proceeds I was able to fund my college tuition. Throughout my undergraduate years, I was unwavering in my pursuit of medical school, dedicating substantial time to research and hands-on experiences in clinics, predominantly within dermatology. Securing a spot in medical school further intensified my focus on pursuing a dermatology residency. While I briefly contemplated specialties like rheumatology and surgery, the allure of dermatology always brought me back. Through hard work, dedication, and support from family, friends and mentors, I was able to match in dermatology at my dream program, Harvard! Having completed my dermatology residency, I am excited to be back home in Miami treating the community I love so much.


What are you most proud of? I take immense pride in my journey, which began in Cuba within the confines of a modest, low-income family. Despite the financial challenges and numerous voices advising against pursuing a career in medicine, especially in the competitive field of dermatology, I persevered. Through relentless dedication and the unwavering support of my family and friends, I turned my dream into reality. Today, I stand as a testament to resilience and hard work. As a physician, I am deeply committed to providing compassionate care, and I strive to ensure that my patients feel valued, safe, and well-supported. I take pride in achieving a balanced life, pursuing my career ambitions while also dedicating quality time to my cherished family and friends, who mean the world to me.


What’s your go-to skincare regimen? Keep it simple, yet effective. My morning routine starts with a water-only cleanse, followed by  an antioxidant serum, occasionally a pigment inhibitor, then moisturizer and sunscreen (every day!)


At night, I remove all makeup and buildup of oil/dirt/sunscreen first with micellar water and then with a cleanser. Followed by a pigment inhibitor and/or peptide serum, then tretinoin/retinol based product, and moisturizer. 


What’s a skincare secret you want to share with us? Use skin care products that match your skin’s needs. My own personal skincare routine may not work for you! Don’t follow trends, seek expert advice. 


  • Press Hyaluronic Acid Onto Damp Skin
  • Apply moisturizer to body right after the shower
  • Apply any excess skin care to your neck and decolletage 

How would you describe your approach to dermatology? I prioritize a patient-centered evidence-based approach, where I actively listen to my patients’ concerns, understand their unique skin types, and tailor treatments accordingly. I believe in personalized medicine and strive to provide the best possible care for individual needs. I integrate evidence-based medicine with a personalized touch, considering both topical and systemic therapies as needed.  I place a strong emphasis on proactive / preventative care, even for my youngest patients.


In essence, my approach to dermatology is centered on patient empowerment, evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and lifelong learning, all aimed at delivering personalized and comprehensive care to optimize skin health and overall well-being. My dermatology aesthetic aims for exceptional results that feel and look effortlessly natural. 


Must have skin care product? It’s a tie between Tretinoin cream and sunscreen.


Can’t live without treatment? Probably Botox with resurfacing lasers being a close second.


What are your lifestyle “must-do’s” and your absolute “no ways” to ensure healthy aging of the skin?



I never go to bed with makeup on.

I’m very consistent with my morning and evening skincare routines. 

Good nutrition and water is MUST (will give your skin that healthy glow). 

Train yourself to sleep on your back (I am still working on this one)!

Consume a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Engage in regular physical activity.

Prioritize adequate sleep.


No ways:

Sleep with makeup on.

Sunbathe / Tan or leave the house without sunscreen on.

Pick at your skin / pop pimples, especially the cystic acne bumps.

Blindly follow skincare trends, especially DIY ones.

Use dirty markup brushes/sponges.

Go to sleep with wet hair.

Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.


Dr. Jessica Cervantes brings not only her vast expertise and unique approach to SkinLocal, but also a deep commitment to patient care and well-being. Her journey and dedication are truly inspiring, and we are thrilled to have her as part of our SkinLocal family. If you’re looking to receive personalized dermatological care that addresses your specific needs and helps you achieve your skin goals, Dr. Cervantes is here to guide you. Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from her extensive knowledge and compassionate approach. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Cervantes today to embark on your path to healthier, more beautiful skin.