Candela™ Laser
Hair Removal

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What is Laser Hair Removal with Candela?

Treatment Areas
for Candela Laser Hair Removal

More Men are Opting


According to the makers of Candela, there’s been a 46% increase in men desiring hair removal since 2000. This is especially true for Miami men who want to go shirtless at the beach without showing off chest hair or back hair.

If you’re a Miami man with unwanted hair on your body, don’t think this treatment option is out of reach for you. We work with several men and we’re here to serve you too.

Candela Laser Results

Hair removal with Candela is highly effective. According to its manufacturer, it removes 80% of targeted hair after just three treatment sessions. For optimal results, most patients require between four to seven sessions.

Candela Laser

This laser markets itself as providing Gentle® Hair Removal. It has virtually no downtime.

To get the best possible results, though, there are some precautions you need to take. These include:

Refraining from any sun exposure to your treatment site for two weeks before your session. Waiting for your existing suntan to fade before you come in for treatment. Refraining from tweezing or plucking any hair at your treatment sites for four to six weeks before and after your sessions.


Why Choose Us


We are a women-owned aesthetic practice, and we have 25 years’ worth of combined experience. At our small business, we care deeply about our patients’ comfort and meeting their goals. We’ll work one-on-one with you to set realistic expectations for your treatments with Candela laser so you’ll know what to expect after the end of your sessions.

We’re also hometown girls who were raised in Miami. As such, we’re fluent in both English and Spanish, which allows us to provide Candela treatments to even more local residents.

We want to help you remove any unwanted hair you have, or help you put an end to daily shaving.

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