Behind the Glow: Meet Dr. Cervantes

The heart and soul behind SkinLocal Dermatology. A friendly face with a

brilliant mind, Dr. Cervantes is not just any dermatologist; she’s a Harvard

trained expert who’s turned her own skin struggles into a lifelong passion for

helping others shine.

Meet dr. Cervantes

From her early days in Havana to her standout moments in Miami and Harvard, Dr. Cervantes journey is as inspiring as her care is transformative. Loved by patients for her warmth and known for her exceptional skills, she’s exactly who you’d want to guide you on your skin health journey. Her picks aren’t just recommendations; they’re the secrets to glowing skin, shared by a friend who truly understands.


SkinBetter AlphaRet Intensive is my go-to because it blends retinoids and hydrators, offering great results with less irritation. It’s essential for enhancing skin texture and tone making it a must-have in any skincare routine.

Dr. Cervantes go-to-treatment

Sculptra is my top in-office pick for its enduring, natural results that boost

collagen for firmer, younger skin. It also progressively improves skin, offering

lasting enhancements! Plus, pairing it with Moxi laser technology effectively

addresses pigmentation, lines, and texture, further enhancing collagen for

lasting benefits.